5 Most Common Mistakes That Are Killing Your Weight Loss Mojo (Gastric & Bariatric)


First off all let me say that I have made every mistake a person can make after weight loss surgery. I have:

  • obsessed over food (to the point where I basically had an eating disorder)
  • neglected my vitamins and follow-up care (and a few deficiencies resulted…lesson learned!)
  • totally rebelled against healthy eating (and had both the little and big bounce-back weight as a result)

But you know what? I forgive myself for those mistakes. I learned from them and today I stand before you a wiser, more knowledgeable person because of those mistakes. But here’s the deal.

When I look back the only regret I have about making the many, many, many (did I mention many?) mistakes I’ve made is this. I let many of those mistakes ruin what was supposed to be the most exciting adventure of my life.

I mean…I was finally losing weight! I was fitting in clothes I never even dreamed I’d fit! My energy was off the charts! And yet none of those things mattered at the time. It wasn’t good enough for me. That is…until things started going in the opposite direction. Hindsight being 20/20, I realize there were some mistakes I made in my first few years post-op that not only stole my joy, but I’m pretty sure they wrecked my weight loss mojo by either slowing down my losses or throwing me off my “head game.”

I hope you guys aren’t making these mistakes, but if you are I want you to think long and hard about the effect they are having on your life and weight loss process. Is it healthy? And if not, then why do you continue to do unhealthy things when you are trying to live a healthy life?

Here are the top five mistakes that may be killing your weight loss mojo.

Weighing yourself multiple times a day


You’re going to argue me down on this one. I know it. I’m ready for you.

But I hear from many Foodies who are so frustrated that they seem to “gain” weight as the day wears on. And as they see the number on the scale (incrementally) go up, they start to counteract against their perceived “gain” by doing things like skipping out on meals or protein that they rightfully should be eating.

Let’s all take a collective breath. Ok. Now let’s discuss physics.

Not really (because I’m not even qualified to have that discussion) but I will say this. Of course you weigh more throughout the day! You know why? Off the top of my head, at least three reasons:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

And while we’re at it, you drank water too! All of these things have mass. Which means they weigh something. And when they are still inside of you, they contribute to how much you weigh until such time as your body metabolizes the nutrients you took in and eliminates the waste.

So let’s stop this madness, shall we?

The best solution I’ve seen is to weigh only once a day (if you must weigh every day) and at the same time each day. Some folks swear by weighing first thing in the morning after they go to the bathroom. I got no problems with that. But this whole weighing several times a day thing? It causes far too many people to make unhealthy decisions in the name of “losing” weight when in reality you are fighting the wrong battle. The goal is to lose excess fat. While you do gain “weight” throughout the day, you may or may not be gaining excess fat. So stay consistent with your weighing times!

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