Keto and Fast Food 2017: On the Go


Whether you’re out and about and need a quick meal, or you want to go out with family to have a sit-down dinner, you should be able to find low-carb and ketogenic friendly foods at most places.

We’ve all been there. You’re out running errands on a Saturday afternoon and your tummy growls: it’s 2 pm and you haven’t eaten yet! Or it’s a Tuesday night at a friend’s house, and they want to grab a meal.

What do you do? Luckily, you have plenty of keto fast food and sit-down restaurant options! We have happily eaten my way through the research for you – below you’ll find a look at the most common fast food restaurants in the U.S. and their keto meal options.

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Here are a few general rules of thumb that you can apply to almost any fast food and sit-down restaurant:

  • Stick to meat, cheese, and vegetables. Most fast food and restaurant places put excess sugar and carbs in their ingredients. It’s worth sticking with the simplest ingredients you can find.
  • Avoid the bun. Whether you’re ordering a burger from a drive-thru or a table menu, you can opt out of the bun. Typically you can also add in extra sides like avocado, bacon, and sauces if you request it.
  • If you get a salad, read the ingredients. Many salads have leafy greens and berries that are very high in carbs. It’s better to stick with simpler salads that include meat and ask for dressing on the side. Many Greek places offer low-carb gyro salads (as long as their meat does not contain filler). Avoid croutons where possible and pick out excess items that are carby from the salads.
  • If it’s breaded, try to avoid it. Typically chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, and other fried items will have a wheat flour-based breading. If you have no other choice, try to peel off as much of the breading as you possibly can. Pair the now naked meat with a fatty sauce. If you can, try to order your food with no breading. Many chicken wing restaurants usually offer naked (traditional) chicken wings as a choice, as an example.
  • Be careful of condiments. While sauces and dressings are a fantastic way to get both fat and flavor into your food – they usually are filled with sugar. Be very careful with any sweet tasting sauces and try to opt for fattier salad dressings (that usually contain no sugar) like ranch, caesar, and bleu cheese. If you have the choice when it comes to sauces at a sit-down place, you can usually order an extra side of butter.
  • Special request. While some people don’t like to ask for particular food, you can certainly do so at higher quality restaurants. The menu will usually do a good job of breaking down what each dish has; you can request to the waiter that the meal be prepared in a certain way (gluten-free, low-carb, etc.)
  • If you’re not sure, skip it. Time and time again we get e-mails about people who are stalling on their weight loss goals. The most common reason: they’re not tracking. There are so many hidden carbs and hidden sugars in the foods we eat that we truly do have to be careful with what we order. Just a few teaspoons of a sweet sauce can be 15-20g carbohydrates – almost all of your daily allowance.
  • Check online. Many food establishments put their nutritional information online – some even offering a “build your own” style app where you can choose what ingredients you’re eating. This is a perfect way to see how many carbs are in the meats and extra side dishes.

Scroll down into page 5 to see and download the Ketogenic meal plan, or if you’re looking for Complete Meal plan you can see Page 5 from the list below.

See options from the most popular restaurants in the US, or if you’re looking for something specific you can select it from the list below.

  • McDonald’s / Burger King
  •  Wendy’s
  •  Hardee’s/Carl Jr’s
  •  In-N-Out Burger
  •  Five Guys Burgers
  •  Sonic
  •  Checkers/Rally’s
  •  Red Robin
  •  Burgerville
  •  Jack in the Box
  •  Whataburger
  •  White Castle / Steak n’ Shake
  •  Chick-fil-A
  •  Zaxby’s
  •  El Pollo Loco / Nando’s / Other Grilled Chicken Places
  •  Kentucky Fried Chicken
  •  Popeyes
  •  Bojangles’
  •  Church’s Chicken / Other Fried Chicken Places
  •  Potbelly / Whichwich / Saladworks / Other Salad Shops
  •  Dickey’s BBQ / Famous Dave’s / Other BBQ Places
  •  Jimmy John’s / Jersey Mike’s / Subway / Other Sub Shops
  •  Panera Bread
  •  Chipotle / Moe’s Southwest Grill / Other Mexican Chains
  •  Taco Bell / Del Taco / Other Taco Places
  •  Dairy Queen
  •  Arby’s
  •  Denny’s / Perkins / Waffle House / IHOP
  •  Cracker Barrel
  •  Buffalo Wild Wings / Wingstop / Other Wing Places
  •  Pizza Hut / Dominos / Papa John’s / Papa Murphy’s / Other
  •  Dunkin’ Donuts / Starbucks / Tim Hortons / Other Coffee Shops
  •  Gas Stations / Convenience Stores
  •  Grocery Stores
  •  Trader Joes / Whole Foods / Specialty Stores

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